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Win 7 Boot Updater: Commercial

A commercial use license for Windows 7 Boot Updater. There are two main types of licenses listed below. In both cases you are free to use the software for internal testing purposes to ensure compatibility, testing API, etc.

  • If you are integrating the software into a larger software for resale, the exact terms will need to be negotiated. Please contact me for more information (you can fill out the form below, just make it clear in the comments). The pricing may not follow what is below.
  • If you are selling devices with modified boot animations or using devices with modified boot animations in a commercial environment, a royalty-based system is used in which a license is purchased for each device sold with a modified boot animation. The terms of the license are available here. This options includes support for LDR-patched systems or otherwise unique setups (e.g. some versions of WES7). The pricing is listed below.
Number of LicensesCost per License (USD)

For ongoing sales, you will pay quarterly for units shipped during the prior quarter. Your rate will be for your expected final range (with good evidence).

Licenses may potentially be purchased with other currencies. Please state your desired currency in the comments. Some countries may incur minor fees due to taxation rules on royalties.

The license includes perpetual software upgrades for the current edition ("Standard") targeting Windows 7 OS (including all service packs, updates, and editions) and technical support. It may or may not include upgrades to versions supporting other OSes (e.g. Windows 8) or a different edition (e.g. "Pro").

Fill out the form and you will receive an invoice within 3 business days.