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Coder for Life

About Me

I am Jeff Bush, a coder for life - that is, a programmer for biological systems. I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in Bioinformatics/Molecular Biology, Biochemistry/Biophysics, and Computer Science. My previous research projects include molecular dynamics simulations, stem cell delivery systems, neural network simulators, and bioinformatics/computational biology research in protein charged group distributions. I am currently attending UCSD for a PhD program in computational neuroscience.

Outside of school I am a web developer and programmer, creating everything from personal websites to large-scale web-based software such as the Popcorn Manager used by hundreds of users continuously. Many of my projects can be looked at in more detail on the projects page. I also am working on developing a custom DVR device from scratch for fun.

This site serves as a mean for me to share my experiences with programming, web development, and research so that I may share in my learning and discovery with others who seek it.

You can contact me at SPAMjefXXXf@cREMOVEodeNULLrfoJUNKrliREMOVEfe.XXXcomREMOVE.