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Windows 7 Boot Updater: Changes

v0 Alpha 11 (v0.0.0.11)

  • Allows changing the background to an image
  • Can run in different languages and the language can be changed at run-time
    Includes translations for German, Russian, and Italian
  • Reverted it to use only .NET Framework 2.0 and not require MS Visual C 2010 library.
  • Much faster startup and checking of bootres.dll
  • Can now create a standalone installer
  • Improved transparency support
  • Boot skin files are smaller
  • Improved update checking
  • Slightly improved backup system
  • Smarter default winload and winresume paths using BCD data
  • Numerous other minor changes and fixes

v0 Alpha 10 (v0.0.0.10)

  • Patching system is now 'dynamic' and new patch definitions are downloaded automatically from the web. This means as new versions of the files are released by Microsoft (and I find the changes) the program will automatically be able to handle them
  • Added patch definitions for SP1
  • Fixed a major issue that occurred when your system didn't use the hidden system partition
  • Added winresume.exe support (screen shown when resuming from hibernation)
  • Separated the core from the interface so new interfaces (like an installer) could easily be made
  • Created a new command-line interface
  • Changed BS7 format so any old bootskins won't work (sorry, but it is in alpha...)
  • No longer supports being run in Windows XP and requires .NET Framework 4.0

v0 Alpha 9 (v0.0.0.9)

  • Major overall to how things work (no longer requires Test-Signing!)
    If you used previous versions please turn testsigning off for {current}, {bootmgr}, etc
  • No longer signs files (not necessary)
  • Adds many new features for adjusting the appearance of the messages
  • Can save and load boot skins as a "bs7" file for applying later, on another computer, or distributing
  • You can now preview the boot animation in the program
  • Animation selection is much more lenient
  • You can restore the modified files easily from within the program
  • Command line temporarily removed

v0 Alpha 8 (v0.0.0.8)

  • Adds boot flag to created WIM
  • Corrects creation / modification / accessed times on backup files

v0 Alpha 7 (v0.0.0.7)

  • Major changes to the Certificate Authority and Certificate
  • Added a CRL for the CA and made it auto-install
  • Changes to installation of CA / CRL
  • Fixed localization issue with enabling test-signing
  • Progress bar actually shows progress now

v0 Alpha 6 (

  • Successfully signs bootres.dll

v0 Alpha 5 (v0.0.0.5)

  • Apply proper security to the new activity.bmp
  • Disabled testsigning on Windows XP and older (it isn't not supported)
  • Made testsigning not locale-dependent
  • Made default 'Startup Windows' localized (on Windows 7 and newer)
  • Removed certutil.exe dependency (and any locale dependency it caused)
  • Changed 'Select Animation' dialog window

v0 Alpha 4 (v0.0.0.4)

  • Added security modifying features so protected files can be edited
  • Fixed an infinite loop problem caused by a bug in Microsoft Tool Help

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