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LineCount v2 - 2009

A line counting program I made to follow up the original LineCount which was a command-line program. Instead of using a command-line interface, this one is written in PHP and generates an interactive web-page that allows you to browse all the files it scanned. Which nicer to use than the original.

It counts the total number of bytes (or characters), total number of lines, and the total number of lines excluding blank lines and comments. It currently assumes that // is a single line comment and /* */ are block comments (so does not ignore comments in HTML). This could once again be changed to fit your needs in the source code. Please tell me how you modified it and I may include it here! The source code is submitted into the public domain, but I would appreciate it if you mentioned me as a source where ever you use it.

You need to modify the variables near the start of the PHP file to tell it what you want to scan. The filters are very advanced and give a lot of control. How to use the variables is given in the source.

The GUI is a file tree. The icons for the different files are taken from a folder of icons. You can easily customize this as you see fit. I have included many images from File Icons Vs. 2 by Jordan Michael along with a few I added for file types he did not have (PHP, SQL, JS, CSS, and HTC). The program automatically condenses folders that only contain a folder (which is common for Java projects with those long namespaces).

LineCount v2 with Icons (340.82 KB, updated 2012-11-08)