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iTunes Info Display and Controller

Note: I have discontinued use / development of this program in favor of iTuner which has resumed development again (it took a year break during 2011) and now includes features I wanted. If necessary I will contribute to that project.

I was frustrated with the currently available iTunes controllers available for Windows, they either lacked customizability or beauty. So I decided to make my own.

I have been working on this slowly for the last year or so, in that time some new solutions have come along that look very promising. One example is iTuner which provides a different (but still very beautiful) interface and numerous features that my program does not have, however it is not as customizable.

The program and source is available on Google Code as the project itunes-info. The source is released under the GPL. The code is all in C# with WinAPI functions for using glass windows and some other features.


All downloads are available through Google Code.


  • Two types of displays: Glass or Basic (solid background color)
  • Content of displays can be derived from almost any available iTunes properties, with formatting, and placed in any order that the user wishes
  • Display properties are fairly customizable
  • Fully customizable actions in response to iTunes events (track starts playing) or keyboard events
  • Can run multiple actions in response to a single event, and multiple events can use the same action(s)


The Popup Display

The Options Dialog