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Harvest Moon Site - 2001-2002

I started this site during the end of Junior high, and I had little artistic sense back then (look at those colors!). The site was not about art though, it was the game Harvest Moon 64, and there was a lot of information on that site. People still email me today asking about extra tips and clarifications! On the site I had voting buttons and on one list, I ended up 7th best Harvest Moon N64 website. The site also had a cool, unique feature in that people could submit a form with their stats I could put them on the chart. The chart was partially auto-generated through JavaScript arrays which I filled. Due to free hosting services restrictions on server-side scripting though, many times the form would not work. Now with a real website I would be able to do a MySQL back-end so there would be no intervention on my part. This website also taught me about backing up and piracy issues because the first version got canned due to having clips from the game up there.

When I got into high school I quickly lost time to play games that much so the site went stagnant. However, it is still viewable on the web as it was when I last updated at Some links have become broken as the hosting I had has become partially defunct.

Here is picture of the header of the site:

Harvest Moon Banner