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Gravity Worm - 2003

This is my rendition of the SFCave or ribbon games. I made this for the Java Programming Class I took at High School taught by David Ruth. The game is written in Java. For class we were only required to make the work a single dot (And definitely not the fade), no special bonuses to grab, or make the tunnel change shape. Have fun playing it below! You can also download the compiled class below (Java runtime required) along with the source. There is no license on the source code, however I would really appreciate it if you gave me mention!

You do not have Java installed or your version of Java is too old
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Press mouse to make worm rise, release mouse to let gravity take its toll. The bonus 'pills' can be collected, some are good (reduce size of blocks, slow you down, or temporarily remove all blocks) or can be bad (make you faster or the blocks larger).

Download source file (14.21 KB, updated 2012-11-08)

Download compiled class file (5.24 KB, updated 2012-11-08)