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Rubik's Cube - 2003

This is a fully functional Rubik's Cube written in Flash. I started out by using some of WackedUsa's drawings (the owner of the site has seemed to change since then), but he had not colored them in, added the mirrors, or made the cube movable. I didn't really like Oida Media's Rubik's Cube turning mechanism so I wanted to make my own.

If you would like to view it larger or smaller, drag the bar on the right of the cube (requires JavaScript).

The rest of this page is just as it was when I stopped working on it in 2003 (except for the expander). The original page can be seen at

Version: 1.8.1

Last Update: 7/7/03

Size: 176 KB

Current Problems:

Certain squares show through interior of cube

Things to do:

Add full rotation (working on)

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