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I have been working on an assisted-segmentation (a.k.a. semi-automatic segmentation) algorithm called livewire for use in the SLASH project.

Livewire is an algorithm where the user select a point and then moves the mouse and in real time it shows the "best" path between the point and the mouse. There are other implementations of this algorithm available online, many open-source. However this implementation sets itself apart with speed and quality of results.

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Windows 7 Boot Updater

A program that makes it easy to update the Windows 7 boot animation and text. Please tell me if you find any problems or design cool animations!

Some parts of / contributions to the program are released as open-source.

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Faster Windows 7 Boot Updater

I created a custom library to extract compressed files from a WIM file that did not require the Microsoft WIM library. Using the Microsoft WIM Library, to extract a single file is actually quite an elaborate process. I predicted this would greatly speed up the start up and running of my Windows 7 Boot Updater program since I use that file whenever the animation is set to "Default".

My current method (in Alpha v9) is to:

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Compiling C++/CLI native, mixed, and pure with C# into a single Assembly

While working on the next release of the Windows 7 Boot Updater I separated the core updating system from the interface. It is generally good practice to do this since then it is modular. Since Visual Studio 2010 no longer supports Intellisense for C++/CLI I decided to convert the interfaces to C# since they were almost purely System.Windows.Forms. The core remained C++/CLI since it had a lot of native dependence. This created another problem. The only easy way to distribute this is as a core DLL (from the C++/CLI code) and a separate EXE (from the C# code). But I…

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C++/CLI Static Classes with delegates and literals

To make static manged classes in C++/CLI you use the combination of keywords abstract and sealed. Static managed classes can only contain static members (functions and variables) and cannot be instantiated or inherited from. I believe they are nicely sped up, but I haven't verified this.

However, if you add delegates or literals to the static class, the compiler complains:

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